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  • Massage Therapy, but more specifically deep-tissue massage (also known as myofascial release) is a type of massage that seeks to release the myofascial restrictions of the deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body.
  • It uses the same principles and strokes of effleurage, friction, petrissage, tapotement, traction, and vibration similar to that of Swedish, with slight variations on the focus and depth.
  • The primary focus of deep tissue massage is to address specific tight muscles and to correct postural distortion caused by these tight muscles.

There is a misconception that deep tissue simply means classical massage with heavier pressure. A practitioner may use very deep pressure without really addressing postural problems.

Conversely, a practitioner may sometimes use light pressure in a precise manner to facilitate deeper muscle relaxation, with little or no effort.

  • More importantly, the idea of deep tissue is not necessarily focused on pressure but should be focused on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues 

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